For over 20 years HackerU has been providing professional cyber security services and training to leading corporate, government, and military organizations worldwide. To our existing Israeli clients and international partners, HackerU is known as a vast knowledge bank and learning base led by experienced and leading industry experts of Israel's elite cyber security units. Our courses and program are designed to offer practical and hands on experience, addressing the current High Tech industry market needs across the board. HackerUSA is the American brand and subsidiary of HackerU that has embarked on the mission to train the next generation of Cyber Security gurus in the United States. HackerUSA was established to train high-tech professionals to protect organizations and citizens from falling victims to cyber attacks and threats, as current data indicates that the U.S. manpower shortage in 2017 has reached over a million. HackerUSA brings its innovative and practical courses and programs to your doorstep, blending the best of knowledge and hands on practice and experience. The U.S. market is in need of programs that yield trained and professional high-tech workers, and we're to meet that need with our exceptional methodology, experience, and knowledge.

Experience. Hacker USA is a subsidiary of the HackerU, Israel’s #1 cyber security training institute and a key player in making Israel’s cyber industry among the world’s most resilient. For over 20 years, we have trained cyber security professionals, transitioning them into the international government, military, police and corporate workforces. Experience has taught us that hands-on training is indispensable, leading us to develop and obtain world-class real-time cyber-attack labs to fortify your training. Experience, knowledge, and position in the field empower us to place you in top openings in the industry.

Both for our sake and yours, HackerUSA programs entail a prerequisite pre-training course covering the fundamentals needed to learn the industry. The pre-training course clarifies for us and you whether this is the right line work for you. You pay the full cost of the pre-training course ($1,000) only if you pass the final exams and proceed to the extended course. If you do not proceed to the extended course, you get a %75 refund, meaning your investment will have been only $250.

The pre-training course is a kind of screening process that is an integral part of the application process prior to starting a program track at HackerUSA. Our experience tells us that your suitability for the industry should not be evaluated based solely on educational background, previous knowledge, or any certification or diploma acquired. Thus, our unique approach is first to identify your potential to cope with real-life, case-specific challenges requiring problem solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking. Only after a review by an official committee that carefully considers the instructor's observations and your performance in class and on exams, can you proceed to the extended course, benefiting from a holistic curriculum that truly prepares them for a smooth transition into the Cyber industry's demanding work-force.


Just as we select our candidates carefully, so too should you consider your own needs in selecting your program track and lecturers. During the pre-training course, your will meet our lecturers and will have direct access to and interaction with course materials, curriculum, classmates and the classroom setting. Should you feel that the program or track you have tried does not meet your needs, or alternatively, if you have do not pass our prescreening process, you are entitled to a 75% refund. The prescreening process is an opportunity for you to live the student experience at HackerUSA, without risking funds; both sides benefit from a win-win situation.

A: You can, but without verification of extensive hands-on training, HR won’t be as interested in your CV. While certification exams attest to your theoretical knowledge, a HackerUSA certification evidences your practical experience that equips you with the skills to cope with real-time workplace challenges in today's competitive market. It’s the combination of these certificates that makes you valuable on the job market. Furthermore,

the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) issued by the EC Council can be earned only through the cooperative program the EC Council offers in collaboration with HackerUSA, unless you can demonstrate that you have had at least 24 months of practical work experience in the cyber industry. This particular exam offers prestigious certification that is in high demand in the current high-tech market.

Absolutely. Unlike many other industry preparation courses available today, Hacker USA's courses are designed in tandem with the employment requirements of thousands of leading organizations in the high-tech sector, many of which collaborate with us and prefer recruiting our graduates. As a HackerUSA graduate, you come to these organizations better equipped than others, with a shorter learning curve; acquire solid methodology, work ethic and practical experience; and graduate with invaluable assets and transferable skills every employer seeks.

Employers', industry experts' and thought leaders' awareness that the rate of cyber security attacks is soaring means there is an urgent need to recruit new bodies into the industry. The manpower deficit in the high-tech sector continues to grow, and 2017 statistics to date indicate a manpower shortage of over 1,000,000 in the United States alone, with this figure estimated to double by 2019.

HackerUSA offers two core advantages over similar training programs: 1) We evaluate our applicants and ensure that they are equipped with the soft skills and talent to meet the standards required to excel in the industry.

2) Our curriculum and lab set-up are designed to meet the needs of leading cyber-security organizations looking to recruit experienced, fresh, and innovative minds. Our program instructors are thought leaders and industry experts who are regularly on the frontlines of the cyber "battlefield," coping with hacks and attacks that the industry frequently encounters. No wonder

over 85% of our Israel graduates with no prior experience or formal training successfully integrate into the Cyber and IT workforce and job market.

We believe that the time spent with instructors working through real-life, real-time problems is what endows our graduates with such high market value. These hours are the most important in your training. Furthemore, HackerUSA offers programs and tracks to meet the learning styles and diverse backgrounds of our students. Our materials and courses are designed to enrich, infuse, and nurture our students with the knowledge and practical experience they need to integrate into the cyber-sec workforce. To create courses that offer these opportunities, we gather and process industry insights, statistics, and information. As well, we frequently acquire insider info and learn about the demands and requirements of leading partner organizations, many of these institutions employing some of the great minds and industry experts of elite cyber units within the high-tech community. With their feedback, we design our programs to include vital components drilled in-class that meet the industry's job market demands with distinct professionalism, distinguishing ourselves as leading educators in the Cyber industry. Every job, role and profession is targeted and addressed within our collective of specially designed programs and courses. There is occasional crossover in the topics, practices and principles covered within our varying programs and courses. Graduates of all programs thus gain a broad spectrum of knowledge and learn methodology that's transferable into a variety of high tech professions, unlike other standard market courses that offer a minimal or tunneled vision of the industry. For over two decades, we've provided training and educational services to leading international organizations, maintaining the belief that only a program that considers overall market conditions and demands can truly prepare individuals for the industry's workforce challenges.

HackerUSA employs thought leaders and industry experts who, like us, believe that educating the next generation of cyber-sec professionals is a top priority to ensure progress and security. Coming from various areas of the cyber-sec world, our lecturers are masters of the advanced, insider Israeli cyber security strategies and other industry experts coming from across the globe. We hand pick our instructors from the most progressive organizations within the government, military, and private sectors. Many of our instructors fulfill discreet roles in the cyber community, having gained the transferable knowledge and hands on experience they aim to share with students. We believe that only individuals who have coped with real-life cyber attacks and threats in the workplace in high-pressure scenarios can effectively teach you to cope with similar situations. Under their guidance, you will practice addressing these situations in simulations, leveraging problem solving techniques and thought methods that reinforce your grasp on how data and security professionals address these challenges.

HackerUSA offers its training services to a select group of universities, educational institutions, and organizations throughout the United States.

Any organization that utilizes digital technology within their workspace. The actual roles that you can be recruited for vary based on the program track you complete at HackerUSA. Most current and progressive organizations in today's advanced era of technology have a need for IT managers or internal cyber services and expertise. From private sector corporations to large government institutions, organizations will identify their data security needs, and after evaluation, their decision-makers allocate funding and resources for data and communications IT infrastructure protection and security. Thus, pretty much every governmental, military, corporate, and private business organization needs cyber-protection professionals to secure its assets.

The answer varies. It's not possible to answer this question with a concrete answer, as the funds allocated for an employee's salary are based on a spectrum of set of parameters, such as your line of work and your precise role, supply and demand, location, and your professional experience.


We recommend referencing a salary grid/chart that may provide more details specific to profession(s) or fields in the industry. What's definitely worth noting is that employee salaries in the high-tech sector are significantly higher than those of employees of a similar seniority status within other industries. Also, a variety of professions and roles in the high-tech industry offer early opportunities for promotion and advancement, particularly when compared to professions/roles in other industries in the overall employment market. Employees with a variety of managerial skills and abilities can benefit from excellent work conditions, terms of employment, and vast professional development in their field.

CISCO, Microsoft and Ec-Council certification exams are available worldwide. Registration for these exams is accompanied by a fee and is available solely via service providers of the certifying companies. HackerUSA counselors will guide students throughout their program track, referring them to relevant websites to help them with the registration process. You can find the number of certification exams listed on the back of a HackerUSA course syllabus, along with accessing any additional details of interest to you about the certification exams via the certifying organization's service provider websites.

The certification exam service providers implement a standardized protocol regarding the rights of individuals who may not pass the exams. A student who doesn't pass the exam must follow protocol in order to retake exams or fulfill course requirements to complete the program.

One of the many advantages of being a part of the high-tech sector, specifically the cyber community is the opportunities for employees to research and learn more about the industry's new and state-of-the-art technological advancements and developments in real-time. Unlike an entry-level employee (or one without formal experience or training), being a graduate of HackerUSA means possessing enough know-how and wherewithal to be, by-and-large, an autodidact, i.e., to upgrade and update knowledge levels and skills on the job. HackerUSA’s courses pertain to current industry occurrences and events that generate new practices or info updates, which down the road require limited study time and/or hands on training or practice.


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Cyber Security Risk Management & Assessment

Cyber Security Risk Management & Assessment

In a world where hackers are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to wreak havoc, organizations with sensitive data need a cyber risk manager, an individual who oversees its preparedness for cyberattacks. In this course we will cover the various types of attacks. We will learn about the vulnerabilities and ways in which defense mechanisms, cloud services, and the various applications used by organizations are exploited.

Professional Penetration Tester


The ethical hacker’s job is to break into companies’ systems and applications (with prior approval) and to report on vulnerabilities and obstacles related to data security that might expose the company and its assets to threats. HackerUSA offers the most professional, comprehensive, and practical training program available of its kind, enabling network administrators, programmers, and those with previous experience to leapfrog into challenging, higher-paying positions.

IT Professional with Python & Basic Cyber Security


Network & Infrastructure Management is one of the most sought-after professions in the world of technology, largely because of growing demand for this skill set. Our training program is suitable for anyone seeking a stable, engaging career that entails countless possibilities for promotion to the most senior positions in the cyber world.

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